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Leo van de Pas
of Mosman Park, Australia

William 'the Silent', one of the founders of Dutch independence from Spain, has numerous descendants which, within the six generations displayed, can be found in almost all European countries, and are ranging from Emperors to very ordinary people. 

The brief biographies contain history from 1533 till about 1820. 

Illegitimate descendants are also recorded, leading to a link with the Duke of Grafton, himself a bastard of Charles II, King of England. Ultimately this line also leads to Diana, Princess of Wales, who has three different lines of descent from William the Silent; while Prince Charles has 99 such lines. 
Genealogy of descendants:  223 pages 
Brief biographies:  144 pages 
Index: 94 pages
Bibliography: 5 pages


Title: DIANA

Introduction to ancestors of the late Princess of Wales; her genealogy reaches back to beyond Charlemagne, while the numerous brief biographies cover many aspects of history, not only in England but also on the continent. 

This compilation differs a great deal from the wonderful book "American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales", by Gary Boyd Roberts and William Addams Reitwiesner, which concentrates on her American links. 
Genealogy: 700 pages
Brief biographies: 156 pages
Index: 93 pages
bibliography: 4 pages



Introduction to ancestors of three sisters, daughters of the present Lady Saltoun, with an incredible ancestry, including Queen Victoria and the Kings of Prussia, amongst many other continental royalty as well as many Scottish and English ancestors. 
Genealogy: 750 pages
Brief biographies: 143 pages
Index: 99 pages
Bibliography: 4 pages 

"I do congratulate you upon producing a little (or not so little) gem and know very well the enormous amount of work it has involved.As an example of book production I think it has turned out very well.I like your arrangement very much and it's greatest strength is it'sclarity and ease to follow. Too often such pages get so bunged fullof information that it becomes barely comprehensible. And with your way,there is lots of room to add to it. How do you feel like putting Prince
Charles onto your system?"
                                of "The Royal House of Stuart"


Introduction to ancestors of the last undisputed (ignoring his brother the Cardinal of York) of the Scottish Crown. 

Again brief biographies giving many aspects of European history. 


 Bonnie Prince Charlie invokes sad memories of what has been as well as musings of whatmight have been. It is surprising that he was born at all, as attempts had been made  to prevent his parents from marrying. In the long run his life was futile but, at the same time, he has been an inspiration as a person who pursued what he believed in against incredible odds---and almost succeeded.

        Born in Rome as son of "the Old Pretender",  James Francis Edward, and
Princess Maria Clementina Sobieska, he was educated there and became the focus of Jacobite hopes. In 1744 he went to France to head the planned invasion of England, but after the defeat of the French fleet was unable to leave for over a year. In July 1745, with seven followers, he landed at Eriskay in the Hebrides and raised his father's standard at Glenfinnan. 

        Amongst the clansmen who flocked to him was Lord George Murray, the most
brilliant of the Jacobite sons of the 1st Duke of Atholl. As a young man Lord George had been involved in the uprising of 1715, after which he fled to the continent and served for a time with the King of Sardinia. Eventually pardoned, he returned to Scotland and, in 1745, became Lieutenant-General to "the Young Pretender". It was said: "Had Prince Charles slept during the whole of the expedition and allowed Lord George to act for him according to his own judgement, he would have found the Crown of Great Britain on his head when he awoke."

        At first Edinburgh surrendered and England was invaded but they turned back
at Derby for lack of  evident English support. On the eve of the battle of Culloden in the Scottish Highlands, fought between the Duke of Cumberland's troops and the rebellious Jacobites in 1746, a shrieking human-headed monster with burning red eyes and black leathery wings hovered over the terrified soldiers. Called the skree, it could readily be dismissed as fantasy were it not for the disquieting fact that one of the eyewitnesses was none other than Lord George Murray, a well-respected general renowned for his level-headed outlook.

        The rising was ruthlessly suppressed and "Bonnie Prince Charlie" was hunted
for five months. With the help of Flora Macdonald he crossed from Benbecula to Portree, disguised as her maid. He landed in Brittany, then lived in France and Italy. However, he moved around with such secrecy that much conjecture is possible about children and wives. For the world he legitimised his daughter by Clementina Walkinshaw who, according to Scottish law, may well have been his wife. Then there is a child, fathered by a first cousin, which supposedly died in infancy, but then is mentioned as having not only survived but to have become Charles Stuart, of Airdroch, and grandfather of the mysterious Sobieski-Stuart brothers. 

        Recently it has been claimed that, in November 1785, he married again and
fathered a son. However, in 1772 he had married Princess Louisa von Stolberg-Gedern, from whom he lived separated, and who died in 1824.
Consequently, the legitimacy of this 1785 marriage has to be queried. Later, rumours emerged that he had fathered a son by Louisa von Stolberg-Gedern and, for protection of this child which unquestionably would be legitimate, it  was whisked away and brought up in obscurity.  Again, the most publicized claimant, Prince Michael of Albany, maintains that he is descended from the questionable marriage which took place in 1785, between "the Young Pretender" and Marguerite O'Dea d'Audibert de Lussan, Comtesse de Massillan. 

        However, this collection is an introduction to ancestors of a romantic figure in history whose shadowy legend still lives on to the present day, especially with the changes now occurring in Scotland.

Leo van de Pas
Mosman Park, 1998.
Genealogy  750 pages
Brief biographies  156 pages
Index  95 pages
Bibliography 4 pages


Descendants of a Huguenot family, from 1495 till the present. 
Contains descendants in the USA, Canada, England, almost all 
European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand. 

Amongst the descendants we find, to name only a few: Eleanor 
Roosevelt, Robert Lowell IV, the poet, the three brothers after 
whom the USS Crommelin was named, as well as many European counts, 
princes as well as Archdukes of Austria. 


An introduction to ancestors of Frederic Giscard d'Estaing, a young French boy, born in 1986, who is a grandson of Valery Giscard d'Estaing, President of France from 1974 till 1981, as well is a descendant of King Charles X of France. Because of his descent from Mary, Queen of Scots, he shares many ancestors with Americans in the Plantagenet kings of England. 

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