Ingeborg Brigitte Gastel

 Wallfahrtskirche Wilparting (between Irschenberg and Rosenheim, Bavaria)

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My Birthplace
After having been born and raised in Upper Bavaria surrounded by views like the one in this picture, I immigrated to the USA on September 19, 1967 and moved to St. Louis, Missouri. 15 years later, I became an American citizen on Sept. 16, 1982 in Denver, Colorado. 

marriage of bavaria and arizona :-)
After several interesting moves, 
Arizona became my home in 1989.

My interests are: fine art (1850 until present landscapes, still lifes, florals in oil, pastel and acrylic), modern literature as well as travelling. I also enjoy music ranging from the classical to the 60's, 70's and even some alternative, and in particular Mozart and the blues (but not together!).  My favorites always include the sound of either a good piano or guitar solo.

The 60's

The 70's



The Blues

I also love dramas and tragedies on stage and in movies. I do relish in genealogy, digging in the past and finding treasures and surprises. You can look at my personal family genealogy work right here on line.

I am poetic in nature, with nature, about nature. The ever changing colors of the sky, with or without clouds, and the shadows and moods that casts over the landscape with flowers everywhere, is that which I will call my home. 

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My Backyard
By some standards, I have changed my back yard pretty often. Despite this, I am very happy to be once again in Arizona where scenes like the one pictured above (although not exactly adjacent to my house) are readily available.
Arizona Images

"Der Mensch ist in seinem Leben wie Gras, Er blühet wie eine Blume auf dem Felde, Doch wenn der Wind darueber weht, Kennt er seine Stätte nicht mehr."
- King David, Psalm 103 -

My other favorite hobby:

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