Roots of the Sixty Colonists
by Herbert Stoyan

F.L.Weis collected a set of lines from sixty colonists, who came from New England between 1623 and 1650.
These lines are entries into the world of higher nobility of Europe. The colonists are:

    Robert Abell
    Samuel Appleton
    John Barcley
    Joseph Bowles
    Wymond Bradbury
    Obdiah Bruen
    Elizabeth Bulkeley
    Frances Bulkeley
    Martha Bulkeley
    Peter Bulkeley
    George Burroughs
    Edward Carleton
    Francis Champernoun
    Charles Chauncey
    Grace Chetwode
    Jeremy Clark
    Elizabeth Coytemore
    George Curwen
    Katherine Deighton
    John Drake
    Thomas Dudley
    Arbella Fiennes
    Sarah Fiennes
    Alice Freeman
    Thomas Gordon
    Muriel Gurdon
    Mary Gye
    Agnes Harris
    Thomas James
    Mary Launce
    Richard Lee
    Rosamund Lister
    Nathaniel Littleton
    Roger Ludlow
    Sarah Ludlow
    Simon Lynde
    Agnes Mackworth
    Oliver Mainwaring
    Anne Marbury
    Elizabeth Marshall
    Peter Maverick
    Samuel Myles
    Thomas Newberry
    Ellen Newton
    John Oxenbridge
    Richard Palgrave
    Herbert Pelham
    Penelope Pelham
    James Prescott
    John Prescott
    Edward Rigby
    Richard Saltonstall
    Edward Southworth
    Alice Standish
    Pardon Tillinghast
    Alice Tomes
    William Torrey
    Margaret Tyndal
    John Washbourne
    Bridget Yong
    Olive Welby
    Samuel Whiting
    Margaret Wyatt