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L o o k i n g   f o r

descendants of:
-my paternal great grandmother-
Her parents: Hinrich Vollmers (*1811 +bef 1878)
and Metta Neumann (*1814 +bef 1878)
born October 7, 1853 (probably around Balje, Germany)
who married Heinrich Wilhelm Schult called *Bruening* (1850-1880)
on June 12, 1878 in Hamburg, Germany
AND 1882 in Hamburg GUSTAV ADOLF RIEDEL, born Nov 5, 1850
in Langenbielau, County Reichenbach, SILESIA

Her story: Christiane was forced to put her 2 children by Heinrich Wilhelm into an Institute of the Poor, called "Kostkinder Institut der allgemeinen Armen-Anstalt" in Hamburg, where they were put up
for adoption. My grandmother Erna Hennie Marie was adopted in spring 1882; evidently
Anna Henriette Wilhelmine was not yet. Christiane remarried in 1882 in Hamburg to
Gustav Adolf Riedel and together with *her* (I *assume* that since the ship records mention
a 4 year old daughter called *Anna Riedel*) -her legal name would have been Anna Henriette
Wilhelmine Schult called Bruening- unless she was adopted in the meantime by Gustav A. Riedel,
which could have been possible. The three of them immigrated on 11/22/1882 to New York, USA,
with a ship called "RUGIA". (The NY ship passenger arrival list is dated *about* December 10,1882,
however, no destination point was given).

1. Gustav Adolf Riedel
2. Heinrich Willhelm Schult (called Bruening)

Hamburg Departure list               NY Arrival list

S.S. RUGIA, 1882, Hamburg-American Line

L o o k i n g    f o r: 

descendants of
- my paternal great grandaunt -
born October 22, 1878, Hamburg, Germany
(Standesamt Hamburg Nr. 2/Reg.Nr.: 4865)
Her parents: Heinrich Wilhelm Schult called *Bruening* (*1850, +1880)
and Christiane Friederike Vollmers (*1853-+?)
Her adoptive father: Gustav Adolf Riedel (most likely but not certain)
Her sister: Erna Henni Anna Marie Reimann
(Schult *called Bruening) (1880-1943) 

Her story: Anna Henriette Wilhelmine and her sister Erna Henni Anna Marie were given up
for adoption in spring of 1880 to a State Childrens Home called *Freie und Hanse-Stadt Hamburg
Kostkinder-Institut der Allgemeinen Armen-Anstalt* in the city of Hamburg. It could not be found out
*who* adopted Anna Henriette Wilhelmine -if anyone at all. She was probably taken to America with
her mother Johanne Christiane Vollmers who had married Gustav Adolf Riedel in the meantime.
See above!

L o o k i n g     f o r : 

descendants of
(Susanna Maria Schild comes from Michelstadt/Erbach (Odenwald) somewhere by Darmstadt).
-my 4th great grandparents- from Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. 

L o o k i n g   f o r :

descendants of
born 28 June 1833 in Kork (Kehl), Baden, Germany
(birth certificate # 2237 (entry #12), GLA Abt. 390, Kork)
-my paternal great grandaunt-
Her parents: Carl Philipp Gastel (1796-1853)
and Friederike Christine Schmidt (1802-1890)
married to AUGUST HANS THEODOR MEYER *28 June 1823
in Ludwigslust, Prussia
(Marriage certificate # 2036, GLA Abt. 390, Karlsruhe)
His father: Christoph Friedrich Meyer

L o o k i n g     f o r :

descendants of
and CATHARINA SCHWEIKHARDT -my 5th great grandparents-

L o o k i n g    f o r : 

descendants of 
MARIA OBERMAI(E)R, *April 4,1845-? (my maternal gg grandmother)
Pfraundorf by Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria
married to Franz Xaver Auer (*Sept. 21, 1834)
on October 20, 1874.  Information obtained from *Katholisches Dekanat* in
Rosenheim as well as *Catholic Parrish* in Pang by Rosenheim 

in Pfraundorf by Rosenheim (who could be my maternal gggg grandmother)
if her son is Balthasar Obermair (my maternal ggg grandfather) 1832-1864
(oo to Barbara Fastl).  Maria's parents are listed as
Joseph Obermair *1787  and ... Katharina *1795. (see below)
3.     Death: Catholic Church Records in Pfraundorf by Rosenheim, Bavaria,
        entry #3 -date given as November 17, 1869, Pfraundorf- widowed-
        funeral on November 18, 1869 

3.     Death:  extract from *some* Catholic Church in Thalreit,
        by Reischenhart by Raubling, Upper Bavaria
        Year 1853, entry #2 -date given as ...24,1853- buried ...26,1853
        married to
Katharina ..., 1795-1869
3.     Death:  extract from *some* Catholic Church in Thalreit
        by Reischenhart by Raubling, Upper Bavaria
        Year 1869, entry #1 -date given as April 19, 1869-
        buried April 21, 1869 in Reischenhart

L o o k i n g     f o r: 

HARALD GAIGL - my first husband-
born on June 9, 1943 in Munich - (his mother: Martha Gaigl, Maidenname Galczynski,
-remarried to a *Schindler* and had another boy and 2 girls?out of this union -
his father: Alfons Gaigl. Harald amd I married  on 25 June, 1964, Munich, Bavaria, Germany,
divorced on 3 July, 1967, Munich. Our appartement was located at Gravelottestrasse 1, Munich.
Harald was married again on May 24, 1968 in Munich to Sylvia Martha Kaethe Linke. He got
divorced and married again.



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