Gastel's on the loose ...
(found in Karlsruhe Protestant Churches but cannot connect to it yet,
if you can help I would be greatul!!!!)

-please click on each line for the original church bookrecord-

  • Matthias (Mattheus) Kastel, Schmid

  • oo Maria Magdalena NN
    +28 Aug 1760 in Karlsruhe
  • Matthaus (Matthias?) Gastel, Schneider

  • *1715
    +22 Feb 1751 in Karlsruhe
  • Gabriel Gastel, Oberwaeger am Eifelberg

  • oo Barbara Asfall? - widowed Stander?
     +11 Oct 1781 in Karlsruhe
    buried 12 Oct 1781 in Karlsruhe
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