In Search of *Xeller* Surnames

Craig Srebnik

I'm always looking for leads to additional Xeller surnames. Sometimes they are spelled differently (often misread due to unreadable handwriting) such as: 

 Xellerin, Heller(in), Haller(in), Zeller(in), Gseller?

If you have or know of anyone with these surnames that can provide genealogy information, GEDCOM files, or web pages, then please have them get in touch with me. I will be happy to share the information that I have regarding the Xeller's and will gladly include their data on my web site. 

Xeller Genealogy Resources

*Xeller's* on the loose ...
(data found in Karlsruhe Protestant Churches) 

The Xeller Genealogy and Family Tree Page
(homepage by Hans Rall)


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