Information for New Visitors of the Gastel Family Database

artist: Michael Chernyshov  (1908-1994)

Note (1)  Some dates (i.e. births, deaths, marriages) are shown as a pair of years such as: 1742/1743. This is due to a difference in calendar dating systems (Julian vs. Gregorian). In most cases, the latter date represents the common usage. My software *family tree maker* is automatically arranging this.

Note (2)  The relationship status for nobility is constantly being updated and/or changed as more people are added. In particular, listings which indicate my own degree of relationship with certain individuals becomes increasingly more difficult the farther away they are. In general, however, direct relationships such as grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc., are always consistent. 

Note (3) Although some records may indicate 'none' or 'no children', it usually means that I have not researched that line as of yet. I realize that many couples did in fact have children, and I hope to get the opportunity to add these at a later time.

Note (4)  A recent article in "Suedwestdeutsche Blaetter fuer Familie- und Wappenkunde, Band 23, Heft 9, Maerz 2003" by author Otto-Guenter Lonhard with the title *Die Familie Volland und ihre Verbindungen zu Entzlin, Dreher und Lyher* is strongly suggesting that the well-known genealogist Hanns-Martin- Decker-Hauff was wrong in claiming that the ancestry of Luzie Volland 1495-1566 has lead to Count Eberhard IV 'der Juengere' von Wuerttemberg 1388-1419. Therefore all my lines which carry Luzie Volland's name and her maternal ancestry are wrong, However, I have a different direct line through Johann  Wirtemberger, von Tagersheim (1450-1504)  which also leads to Count Eberhard IV. When I will get to correct all of this I don't know, it is an enormous task but please be aware of this situation.

Note (5)  My entire genealogical project is dedicated to my 3 granddaughters so as to enable them to become aquainted with their european heritage.  I wanted to pass this onto them since I am a first generation immigrant. References in this collection to *my lines to* are meant primarily for their use and for others to whom I am related.  (If I can show 'my line to', it shows that many others can do the same)  Those who do not find this information interesting may simply ignore these files.

Brigitte Gastel Lloyd