Vacation Mexican Riviera
Cruise, February 1997 
7 days with Royal Caribbean *Song of America*
(starting from LosAngeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and back to L.A.)

(in honor of my mother's 75th birthday)

Los Angeles - the beginning of our trip*sailing* into the sunset*sailing* into the sunset
peaceharbor of Cabos San Lucasfamous Cabos arches
Cabos San Lucas (with my mother)Cabos San Lucaslooking towards Cabos San Lucas
having a good time togetherMutti in Cabos San Lucas Harborentering Mazatlan's harbor
Mazatlan - prof. diver jumping from the rocksMy mother going shoppingMazatlan FestivalMazatlan Festival
spending the day at seaMy mother - spending the day at seaMutti in action
enjoying the sea airour regular dining table crowdPuerto Vallarta - getting off the ship
in front of our shipPuerto ValartaPuerto Vallarta
Puerto VallartaPuerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta
Puerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta
coming back to Los Angelesback in Los Angeles