Ingeborg Brigitte Gastel 

Christmas 1991 in Scottsdale, Arizona 
(at our 1st home)

with our 1st grandchild Katharina Maria
(named after her maternal great grandmother Katharina Maria)

cat is gonna get your tongue ... :-)daughter, mother, grandmother and now great grandmother *big* Katharina Mariaproud daddy John
fred, tickled pink over his first granddaughter and present :-)Monika holding Katharine, me holding Buddy, Mom holding Nekohappy new mamma :-)
oh boy, christmas is such fun! :-)if it tastes good, i keep it! :-)waiting for christmas
before the gifts are openedthe 2 Katharina Maria's :-)the 2 Katharina Maria's :-)
hmmm, tastes pretty interesting!Monika beaming :-)my famous tongue! :-)
lots of toysFred and Iwith daddy
mother and daughtermother and daughterrelaxing before x-mas eve
an exhausted buddy! :-)aren't I cute? :-)Buddy - it's my first Christmas too!