Ingeborg Brigitte Gastel 

Christmas 1992 in Scottsdale, Arizona 
(at our 1st home)

(with our 1st grandchild Katharina Maria)

christmas tree branchFred, Mom, little Katharina and IMom, Monica, John and Buddy
Fred with KatharinaMonika with Katharina, me and Buddy, Mom with cat Nekoplaying together
i am just sooo happy! :-)unraveling a presentand yes, i do play *silent night* on the piano!
the ladiesMonika, John and Katharinamom and her beloved crossword puzzles
i got a rocket in my pocket ...Micky, our christmas gift, rescued from the sheltermicky, feeling quite at home already
acquaintance with Buddymay I introduce myself?will you love me?
Neko - I am not sure about the new situation ...Dachshung *Lisl* - another new refugeerescued from an abusive household
my christmas menagerie ...getting ready for a christmas concertand dressed up for the occasionlooking forward to the occasion