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Poets and Writers in my Family:

artist: Henry de Toulouse Lautrec (1864-1901)


  • Theodor Fontane (photo)
  • Theodor Fontane Biography
  • Theodor Fontane Biography
  • (not directly related to Theodor Fontane, however, connections through
    Katharina von Rouanet, who, in 1843 married my cousin Friedrich von
     Falkenhausen, who was the cousin of Emilie Rouanet, who was the spouse   of Theodor Fontane.  Also connected through Albert Sommerfeldt who, in 1855 married my cousin Luise Vierordt, who is the brother of Carl Hermann Sommerfeldt who in 1850 married Jenny Eveline Fontane, the sister of Theodor Fontane.  Confused? :-)

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