The Descendants of Dss Elisabeth *Sissi* (Wittelsbach) in Bavaria
Elisabeth Bild Katalog by Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek Archive
and Emperor Franz Joseph I (Habsburg) of Austria

    The Descendants of  Duchess Elisabeth *Sissi* (Wittelsbach) in Bavaria 
    and Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria
    parts 1-3       part 4        parts 5+6


1st child:
Archduchess Sophie of Austria (1855-1857) in 1855  -no other portraits available-
Archduchess Sophie of Austria
2nd child:
Archduchess Gisela of Austria (1856-1932)
Archduchess Gisela of Austria (1856-1932)                   -extra site-
Archduchess Gisela of Austria/Princess Gisela of Bavaria
Archduchess Gisela of Austria (1856-1932) and Prince Leopold of Bavaria's (1846-1930) children and grandchildren:
1st child Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria (1874-1957) as a little girl 
Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria, abt 1918 (who married later on Count Otto of Seefried auf Buttenheim 1870-1951)
Kaiserin Elisabeth in Fotografien
Countess Elisabeth Seefried (former Princess of Bavaria) and her great granddaughter Princess Ysabel of Bavaria *1954 (dghtr of Prince Konstantin and Pss Helene *Hella* of Bavaria) in 1954
Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria's daughter  Css Augusta of Seefried auf Buttenheim's (1899-1978) Wedding to Prince Adalbert of Bavaria (1886-1970)  in 1919 : 
last row left to right: Prince Alfons, Pss Clara and Pilar, Prince Ludwig Ferdinand, wedding couple Css Auguste von Seefried auf Buttenheim and Prince Adalbert of Bavaria, Baron of Hertling, Count Otto of Seefried (bride's father),  Miss von Steinbauer, Max, Freiherr of Redwitz, Joseph Clemens, Counts Konrad and Franz Seefried. front row left to right: Princesses Louise, Paz, Gisela (grandmother of the bride), bishop Rieder, Elisabeth of Seefried (bride's mother) and her dghtrs Valerie and Bessi.
Countess Augusta of Seefried auf Buttenheim (1899-1978) -now Princess of Bavaria and also granddaughter of Archduchess Gisela of Austria- with her sons Prince Konstantin (1920-1969) and Prince Alexander (*1923) of Bavaria
Kaiserin Elisabeth in Fotografien
Css Augusta of Seefried auf Buttenheim (1899-1978) son's wedding: Prince Konstantin of Bavaria (1920-1969) and Pss Maria A.  of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, *1921 (his 1st spouse)
Honeymoon of Prince Konstantin of Bavaria (1920-1969) with his 2nd spouse Countess Helene of Khevenhueller-Metsch (*1921) in 1953
Prince Konstantin of Bavaria's (1920-1969) children: 
1. Prince Leopold *Poldi*of Bavaria *1943 son of Prince Konstantin and Pss Maria A. of ohensollern-Sigmaringen) with spouse Ursula Mohlenkamp *1947 and their children Prince Manuel (*1972), Pss Maria del Pilar (*1978), Pss Maria Felipa (*1981) and Prince Konstantin (*1986)
Prince Leopold of Bavaria Pictures, Photos & Images

2. Prince Adalbert of Bavaria *1944(son of Prince Konstantin and Pss Maria A. of Hohensollern-Sigmaringen) with spouse Sandra Brigitte Burckhardt *1966 and children Bernadette Desiree (*1986) and Prince Hubert Florian (*1989)
Prince Adalbert of Bavaria (b. 1944)

3. Princess Ysabel of Bavaria, *1954 (married to Count Alfred Hoyos, Freiherr zu Stichsenstein (*1951)), dghtr of Prince Konstantin and Countess Helene of Khevenhuller-Metsch, and her 2 children Countess Stephanie Hoyos, Freiin zu Stichsenstein, *1977) and Count Johannes Hoyos, Freiherr zu Stichsenstein, *1978
2nd child Princess Auguste of Bavaria, (1875-1964) in 1878
Princess Auguste of Bavaria (18751964), Archduchess of Austria

Pss Auguste of Bavaria with spouse Archduke Joseph of Austria (1872-1962) and son Archduke Joseph Franz of Austria (1895-1957)
their son  Archduke Josef Franz of Austria (1895-1957) (who married later on Princess Anna of Saxony (1903-1976)
Archduke Joseph Francis of Austria
their son  Archduke Michael of Habsburg-Lorraine (1942-1966) -2nd right-with spouse Princess Christiana zu Loewenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, *1940 (1st right) and the children Archdss Margherita, sister-in-law Archdss Marie Theres with dghtr Anna-Carolina, Archduke Eduard Karl and Ardchduke Paul Rudolph (from left to right)
3rd child Prince Georg of Bavaria, (1880-1943) in 1885
Wedding photo of Prince Georg of Bavaria with Priness Isabella of Croy-Duelmen (1888-1973) in 1912
Prince Georg of Bavariabecoming a Priest in 1921
Prince Georg of Bavaria
4th child Prince Konrad of Bavaria (1883-1969)
Engagement of Prince Konrad of Bavaria with Pss Bona Marguerita of Savoy-Genua (1896-1971)
Prince Konrad of Bavaria in his later years 
Prince Konrad of Bavaria
their daughter Princess Amalie (1921-1985) nee Contessa Galimberti Poletti, who married Umberto Poletti *1921
Princess Amalie of Isabella Poletti

3rd child:
Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria (1858-1889)
Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria (1858-1889)                            -extra site-
Crown Prince Rudolf (1858-1889)
RUDOLF (1858-1889). Archduke and Crown Prince of Austria; died at Mayerling
Mayerling Incident

4th child:
Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria (1868-1924)
Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria (1868-1924)                 -extra site-
Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria, Princess of Hungary, Bohemia and Tuscany
Archdss Marie Valerie + Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria's children and grandchildren:
1. their son   Archduke Franz Karl Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (1893-1918)
2. their son Archduke Dr. Hubert Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (1894-1971) with spouse Princess Rosemary zu Salm-Salm, *1904 
3. their daughter Archdss Elisabeth *Ella* , Pss of Tuscany (1892-1930) + spouse Count Georg of Waldburg-Zeil (1878-1955)
Elisabeth, Archduchess of Austria 1892-1930
(and her sister Hedwig 1896-1970)
Elisabeth, Archduchess of Austria (1892-1930)
(and one of her brothers)
Elisabeth *Ella*Princess of Tuscany, spouse of Count Georg of Waldburg-Zeil (1878-1955) with her children Klementine 1914-1941 (left) and Maria Valerie *1913 (right) who became later on the spouse of Archduke Georg of Austria.
their son  Count Franz-Josef Waldburg-Zeil *1927,  with spouse Css Priscilla of Schoenborn-Wiesentheid, *1934
4. their daughter Archduchess Hedwig of Austria, Pss of Tuscany (1896-1970), married to Count Bernhard zu Stolberg-Stolberg (1881-1952)
Archduchess Hedwig of Austria 1896-1970
(and her sister Elisabeth  1892-1930)
Countess Hedwig zu Stolberg's (former Archduchess of Austria) 70th birthday 
in 1966 with her children and their spouses as well as grandchildren
their daughter  Maria Elisabeth  zu Stolberg-Stolberg, *1919 (*Mother Maria Bonifacia*)
5. their son Theodor Salvator (1899-1978), Archduke of Austria, Prince of Tuscany's  wedding to Countess Maria Theresia of Waldburg zu Zeil (1901-1967) in 1926
their children-left to right-  Franz Salvator, Archduke of Austria *1927, Archdss Theresia of Austria *1931, Countess Maria Immaculata of Austria (nee von und zu Hoensbroech) *1933 and Archduke Karl Salvator of Austria, *1936 
children of Archduke Franz Salvator Habsburg-Lorraine and Archduchess Dr. Hedwig: Archduchess Marie Valerie *1982 and Archduchess Margaretha Valerie *1981
6. their daughter Archduchess Gertrud of Austria (1900-1962) -spouse of Count Georg von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems) in 1903
Countess Gertrud of Waldburg-Zeil (former Archdss of Austria) in 1941
with her children Sophie, *1932 (married later on Freiherr Wessel von Loe *1928) and Joseph, *1934 (married later on Freiin Benedikta von Redwitz *1937)
Countess Gertrud of Waldburg-Zeil (former Archdss of Austria) in 1958

7. their son Archduke Clemens Salvator, Prince of Tuscany (1904-1974) with spouse Countess Elisabeth Resseguier de Miremont *1906, their 9 children and spouses as well as Princess Elisabeth of Altenburg (60) in 1966

children of Archduke Clemens Salvator 1904-1974 and Css Elisabeth Resseguir de Miremont *1906 -all Prince + Princesses of Altenburg- from left to right: Marie Valerie *1931, Clemens *1932, Peter *1935, Georg *1933, Elisabeth *1938, Christoph *1937, Johannes *1949, sitting up front are Nikolaus *1942 and Franz Josef *1941.  The children are holding up a painting of their father Archduke Clemens Salvator, Prince of Tuscany.
8. their sonArchduke Theodor Salvator of Austria, Prince of Tuscany (1899-1978) with his sister Archduchess Mathilde (1906-1991), next to her Archdss Maria Valerie Habsburg-Lorraine *1913, oldest dghtr of Archduchess Elisabeth *Ella* (1892-1930)

Miscellaneous photos's of the family 

Louise Victoire of Alencon, Duchess of Bavaria (1869-1952)
dghtr of Dss Sophie in Bavaria 1847-1897 and Ferdinand, Duke of Alencon 1844-1910
Prince Eugen of Bavaria (1925-1997)
(grandson of Princess Gisela and Prince Leopold, son of Prince Konrad of Bavaria 1883-1969 and Pss Maria Bona de Savoie 1896-1971) and his spouse Princess Helene of Bavaria, *1921 -widow of Prince Konstantin of Bavaria-Austria. 
Imperial family in 1826
from left to right:  Empress Caroline Augusta of Bavaria, Emperor Francis II (1792-1835), Franz, Duke of Reichstadt (1811-32), his mother, the Archduchess Marie Louse (1791-1847), Sophie of Bavaria, Archduke Franz Carl (they were the parents of the
Emperor Franz Josef) and Archduke Leopold



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