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Plantagenet Country
(genealogies, portraits and brief biographies)
an exclusive by Leo van de Pas

(a Huguenot family whose descendants, Royal and otherwise, can be found world wide)
an exclusive by Leo van de Pas

The Churchills, Spencers of Althorps 
and Spencer-Churchill Families

Descendants of Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert
( complete lineage up to present day - almost) 

The Unauthorised
House of Windsor Site
Individual Ancestors, Descendants, Portraits,  Biographies, Lineages, etc.

The Unauthorised HRH Princess Michael of Kent Site
Individual Ancestors, Descendants, Portraits,  Biographies, Lineages, etc.

The House of Medici
(lots of databases)

The House of Habsburg
House of Habsburg-Lorraine 
and their spouses
(entire database)

The House of Wittelsbach
and their spouses
(portraits, lineages, databases) 

The Royal House of Prussia
-includes the House of Hohenzollern and Brandenburg-
(lots of databases)

Father of Europe
Descendants of 
William the Silent, 
Prince of Orange 1533-1584
in legitimate
and illegitimate lines

an exclusive
by Leo van de Pas

History and Genealogy:

-(Europe from A to Z
and more)-

-databases a galore-

Individual Houses:
Faber Genealogy and Family History
Faber-Castell Bank
Buedingen+Ysenburg Family
The families von  Castell-Castell,Castell-Ruedenhausen, and Castell-Remlingen
Castel(l), Gastel etc. nobilities -  coat of arms
Oscar von Hannover
(son of Prince Heinrich-Julius von Hannover and Desiree Nick)
Schloss Hohenburg(history, databases, photo)
The family von Maxlrain
The Dukes/Duchesses von Mecklenburg
The House of Reuss
Die Schenken von Stauffenberg, etc.
The Counts/Countesses von Wuerttemberg

Art-istocracy of the Past and Present
(royalties and nobilities in fine art )

Biographies of the Rich and (In)Famous
(nobilities and otherwise)

Book Evaluations  Royal Genealogy

Bookshop  (where to find books)

Contemporary Royals
(1996-2003 photos of royalty and nobility)

Noble Announcements  (Europe)
Birth, Engagement, Marriage, Death

Photo Albums
(of European Royals)

Famous Descendants of Royal Historical Figures
Famous Poets, Notable Philosophers, Physicists, Inventors, Industrial/Political Movers and Shakers, Notable Entertainers, Popes, Cardinals and Saints, Modern Ladies at the Windsor Castle

U.S. Presidents of Royal Descent
John Quincy Adams, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush,  Grover Cleveland, John Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford, Ulysses S.Grant,Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison Jr., James Monroe, Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington

Royal Grab Bag:
descendants   +    ancestors
(partial lists of miscellaneous royal and noble databases) - you might find what you need!

Royal and Nobility Genealogy Databases   (direct access)
(i.e. Tompsett, Stoyan, Theroff, Leo van de Pas, etc.)

The European Nobility
by Guy Stair Sainty

Medieval References
 (lots of many informative links)
Medieval Jewelry: 


Private Nobility/
Royal Sites

Royal Links

FAQ for royal titles, guide, dictionary, books, maps, webrings, castles

(royal lineages | british royalty | library articles | guide to tracing your ancestors | information about genealogy, heraldry, history, events)

Books by Leo van de Pas

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