Ingeborg Brigitte Gastel

The White House Connection:

Historic and genealogical information about U.S. Presidents
and Vice Presidents of royal descent in my family

West Front of the United States Capitol, abt 1830


Royal Descents of famous people
by Mark Humphrys
Notable Figures of Royal Descent
(Damory, Lowther, The Kings of France, Radcliffe,  Roosevelt, Tanfield,  John Stewart) 
by Mark Humphrys
Bloodlines of US Presidents

Royal Descent of U.S. presidents and their spouses by Martin E. Hollick
Genealogy of the US Presidents (
List of Vice Presidents of the United States
The American Presidency
American Presidents - Life Portraits+Archives
The Capitol Project
Presidential Libraries
Presidential Libraries & Museums
The National Portrait Gallery: Hall of Presidents
Hoover to Clinton Era
Ancestry of President Ford 
United States History
The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
Women in Leadership - Worldwide Women Ministers - Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership Women in Government



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