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(Although not of necessarily royal descent, you might also want to check out my very interesting Lineages to famous Poets and Writers, Notable Philosophers, Physicists, Inventors, Industrial/Political Movers and Shakers and Notable Entertainers)

My Poems and Some Personal Thoughts

Access to Royal and Nobility Genealogy Databases
(i.e. Tompsett, Stoyan, Theroff, etc.)

Almanach de Gotha
Almanach de Bruxelles
(all present and former Sovereign Families of non-European countries) 

An Online Gotha by Paul Thereoff 

Announcement 1999-2003 (European noble birth, marriage, death)

Art-istocracy of the Past and Present
(royalties and nobilities in fine art ) 

Biographies of the Rich and In-Famous 
(nobilities and otherwise) 

Biography Search Links (lots!) 

Book Evaluations (royal biography - genealogy - history)

Burke's Peerage and Gentry 
(the authentic genealogical guide to Britain's titled and untitled families)

The Churchills, Spencers of Althorps and Spencer-Churchill Families
(lots of database and photo's)

Contemporary Royals 1996-2002
(photos of royalty and nobility)

C r o m m e l i n 
(a Huguenot family whose descendants, Royal and otherwise, can be found world  wide) 

Descendants of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
(complete lineage up to present day - almost) 

Descendants of Royal Historical Figures
(politicians, writers, fine art, leaders and notable  people, actor, actresses, music, modern ladies at the windsor castle)
Popes   Cardinals   Archibishops,   Bishops   Saints

European Royalty and Nobility (main page)

The European Nobility by Guy Stair Sainty 

Father of Europe
Descendants of William the Silent,  Prince of Orange 1533-1584 
(in legitimate and illegitimate lines) 

FAQ for royal titles 
(guides, dictionary, books, maps, webrings, castles, etc.) 

General Bookshop
(great places to find the books that both professional and amateur genealogists use to research royal family lines)

Grab Bag: 
descendants ancestors 
(partial lists of miscellaneous royal and noble databases) - you might find what you need! 

House of Habsburg, House of Habsburg-Lorraine and their spouses 
(entire database) 
House of Medici 
(lots of databases)

The House of Wittelsbach
Wittelsbach Spouses

Heraldica by Francois Velde

Individual Houses:
Buedingen+Ysenburg Family
The families von  Castell-Castell,Castell-Ruedenhausen,and Castell-Remlingen
Castel(l), Gastel etc. nobilities -  coat of arms
Oscar von Hannover
(son of Prince Heinrich-Julius von Hannover and Desiree Nick)
Schloss Hohenburg(history, databases, photo)
The family von Maxlrain
The Dukes/Duchesses von Mecklenburg
The House of Reuss
Die Schenken von Stauffenberg, etc.
The Counts/Countesses von Wuerttemberg

Medieval References
(lots of many informative links) 

Photo Albums of European Royals
(many rare photo's)

Plantagenet Country
(genealogies, portraits and brief biographies)

Private Nobility/Royal Sites
(mostly private family trees)

Research Books, On-LineLibraries and Historial Maps

Royal House of Prussia
(lots of databases) 

Royal Links
(Historic and genealogical information about royal and nobility family lines by professionals)

Surname List
(more than 32,940 names)

U.S. Presidents of Royal Descent
John Quincy Adams, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush,  Grover Cleveland, John Calvin
Coolidge, Gerald Ford, Ulysses S.Grant,Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford
Birchard Hayes, Thomas Jefferson, James   Madison Jr., James Monroe, Theodore and  Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington

Unauthorised House of Windsor Site
(Individual Ancestors, Descendants, Portraits, Biographies, Lineages, etc.)

Unauthorised HRH Princess Michael of Kent Site 
Individual Ancestors, Descendants, Portraits, Biographies, Lineages, etc.

What's New 2003
(new additions of my work online)

World Roots Genealogical Foundation
(a comprehensive guide to heritage that helped shape the modern world) 


Last updated November 19th, 2015

Royal Europe

  • Ancient Holy Roman Empire
  • The Principality of Andorra
  • Anglo-Saxons

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Crusader States Databases
  •    (Odessa, Antioch, Jerusalem, Tripoli, Cyprus, Constantinople)
  • Flanders
  • Far East

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  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Holy Land
  • Ireland
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  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Middle East
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  • Poland 
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Scandinavia
  • Slavic, Baltic States and Romania
  •    Albania,  Bohemia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia/Croatia/Montenegro, Poland, Romania, 
       Slovakia/Serbia/Yugoslavia, Other Baltic and/or Slavic States Links
  • South America and Mexico
    •   Brazilian Imperial House
    •   The Orleans-Braganza of Brazil
    •   Kingdom of Araucania & Patagonia
    •   The Iturbide Circle: The Imperial House of Mexico
  • Spain
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