Schloss Hohenburg
by Lenggries, Upper Bavaria
(summer residence of the house Nassau-Luxembourg)

Mathias Disel, abt 1720

Castle Hohenburg abt 1720 -artist: Mathias Disel-
Castle Hohenburg abt 1837 -artist: Franz Sauer-
Castle Hohenburg abt 1840 -artist: Johann B. Dilger-
Castle Hohenburg abt 1900
Castle Hohenburg abt 1950
Castle Hohenburg abt 1960
St. Ursula Church within the castle
Dionysius Chapel within the castle grounds
Baroque staircase abt 1910
Baroque staircase abt 1957
2nd floor abt 1910
2nd floor leading to the classrooms abt 1957
One  of the many classrooms
Dining room abt 1915
Hunting Room abt 1980
(used for special occasions only)
Main entrance abt 1900
Main entrance abt 1957
Side view

Where is Lenggries?
My Boarding School Years at Castle Hohenburg 1957-1960 
(dedicated to my graduation class of 1960)


Adolph Wilhelm, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1817-1905)
and his spouse Adelheid Marie, Princess von Anhalt-Dessau (1833-1916) My line to GD Adolph of Luxembourg
My line to Princess Adelheid Marie von Anhalt-Dessau

1st child:
Wilhelm IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1852-1912)

Wilhelm IV, GD of Luxembourg and his bride 
Princess Maria-Anna of Braganca, Infanta of Portugal (1861-1942)
GD Wilhelm IV and family
GD Wilhelm IV of Luxembourg with spouse Maria-Anna and daughter Princess Marie-Adelheid (1894-1924) who became a nun later on
Their 6 daughters in 1903:
Sophia Karoline 1902-1941,  Elisabeth Marie 1901-1950,  Antonia 1899-1954,  Hilda Sophie 1897-1979, Charlotte Adelgonde 1896-1985,  Marie Adelheid 1894-1924
Their 6 daughters in 1907
4 dghtrs of GD Wilhelm IV (artist: Tini Rupprecht)
Wilhelm IV, GD of Luxembourg death anouncement
GD Maria-Anna of Luxembourg (Infanta of Portugal) with her 6 daughters
Grandchildren of GD Maria-Anna of Luxembourg  (1861-1942)
GD MariaAnna with family abt 1932
GD Maria Anna with one of her grandchildren

My line to GD Wilhelm IV of Luxembourg
My line to Maria Anna of Braganca, Infanta of Portugal

2nd child:
Franz Josef Wilhelm, Prince von Nassau (1859-1875)

3rd child:
Hilda Charlotte, Princess von Nassau (1864-1952)

Hilda Charlotte, Princess von Nassau (1864-1952)
and bridegroom Friedrich II Wilhelm, Grand Duke von Baden (1857-1928)
My line to GD Friedrich II Wilhelm von Baden

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