Subject: My Thanks For Your Providing These Wonderful Web-pages.
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 05:20:56 EDT

From The Desk Of Professor D. O. Wray, FAS
Einstein-Bergmann Medal  2000 A. D.
Quantum Gravity Group
The Texas University System/NASA Research Division

To: Ms Brigitte Gastel Lloyd


Dear Ms Lloyd,

     As a person subjected to the ineffable stresses of scientific research work, I find your web-pages so very relaxing. Indeed, I could spend, and have spent, an entire day at your web-site merely "clicking" from item to item; there is always something new to be found in "Brigitte's Pages." You have an astonishing collection which portrays a vista which cannot be captured by mere words alone.
    During this past week, I have been late twice to my class and was absent three times at scheduled meetings at which I was the invited speaker owing to the fact that time flies so quickly while one is "browsing the web." Granted, one ought not be so remiss in his professorial devoir, as such dilatory
behaviour begets further concern, however my ulcer needs occasionally one day off.
     My sincere thanks for your having provided the WWW with a site to behold.

Yours sincerely,
4th September 2000
Prof D O Wray, FAS.

From The Desk Of Prof. D. O. Wray, FAS
Einstein-Bergmann Medal  2000 A. D.
Quantum Gravity Group
Texas University System/NASA Research Division


To: Ms. Brigitte Gastel Lloyd
From: Professor D O Wray et al.

Dear Ms. Lloyd,

     Indeed, you may publish the letter which I sent you, for your web-pages have been for many of us at The QGG a most welcome relief from the ineffably competitive pressures of conducting scientific research work. I express once again our thanks for your having been so kind as to provide people with such a relaxing, informative and lovely site to visit.

     Yours sincerely, and with the appreciation of
     Professor David O Wray,
     Professor Yuris Kohl,
     Professor Hirokazu Kashiwara,
     Professor Tomas Buium,
     Professor Itzak Lepmann,
     Professor G D Woods,
     Dr Thomas Parker,
     Dr Imogene Slayter,
     Professor "Sho" Muta,
     Professor Thomas Chappel,
     Professor John Walsh,
     Dr. Robert Diebold (US DoEnergy),
     Prof. Zorah Vaismann,
     as well as the remainder of the faculty and the staff of The QGG.

14th September 2000.

Post scriptum. One of our most promising post-graduate students, Ms Deborah Walker, sends you her special thanks for having provided her the music of Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Although we also find this music quite delightful, it appears as though age has deprived far too many of us the luxury of dancing to this music without suffering a few sore muscles the day after. I mention this only because whenever we receive experimental verification of our theoretical results, Ms Walker turns on her surround sound speakers as loudly as possible in order that we celebrate. Or, in Ms Walker's words, "...Oh! Come on! This calls for a dance!"